Medications no longer necessary

Early in the 2000’s my wife and I were directed to open our home and adopt! Going through the process with the system, While filling out the application and having home visits – the question of religion was raised.  Asked which denomination we followed, of course, we said Christian Science! There seemed to be a moment of hesitation with our social worker, Because the children were wards of the State of Texas, they had the requirement of the children seeing doctors on a regular basis. We assured them that the children would be taken in for regular check ups as the state required until the adoption was finalized. As wards of the State of Texas, both were diagnosed with material illnesses, so there were medications they were taking. Although they had given us a supply of medications, we started working on their healing through prayer. The adoption was finalized during the Memorial Day holiday, placement happened that weekend!  When the children arrived and the social worker, we reassured the children that our house was the house of God!  During our first week we started working with the children through prayer, to free them from the thought of their need for the medications they have been taking while in foster care. Of course, we had them attending Christian Science Sunday School and each had a copy of The Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.  Each morning my wife would work with them and in the evenings when I was home, I would work with them! Working with them in the understanding of their perfection as God’s perfect child! After they were with us two months, the use of all medication had ceased with no signs of the so called problems the doctors had prescribed the medications for.  God’s love and the healing power of prayer along with seeing their perfection healed them of their false sense and moved them into their true reality!

Joseph with his Grand daughter