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DB Outreach National Event 2022 happening in Texas – Teens and Adults

“Man is the family name for all ideas, – the sons and daughters of God. All that God imparts moves in accord with Him, reflecting goodness and power.”
S&H 515:21 (Event Metaphysical Theme)

Teens Register Here | Adults Register Here | Financial Aid | Download Flyer

Ballpark Adventures!

Put on your ball cap, grab your glove and join us for a special baseball adventure during the National Event 2022! We’ll kick off the afternoon with a private ballpark tour of Globe Life Field, then enjoy an inspirational talk, and then watch the Texas Rangers vs. Detroit Tigers game from a private pavilion with an unlimited buffet dinner!

If you are not able to attend this event in person, check out the DIY National Event planning guide on our website and join us for a virtual inspiring talk on August 14. Everyone can join in the fun – no matter where you are!

Who: Teens grades 6–12, adults, and their friends of all faiths.

When: Saturday, August 27, 2022 | 2pm – 9pm CT


2pm–4pm Globe Life Field Tour
734 Stadium Dr, Arlington, TX 76011

4:30 pm–5:00pm Inspirational Talk

5:30pm-–9pm Texas Rangers vs. Detroit Tigers
Buffet Dinner provided

*Additional day-of details and logistics will be shared in a planning guide sent to those who have registered.*

Event Cost:
Teens grades 6–12: $20
Adults: $30

Registration Deadline:

For Tour & Game: August 18, 2022

For Game Only*: August 24, 2022

* Cost is $30 regardless of whether you attend just the tour or just the game.

Financial Aid is available for both teens and adults! Submit an application below for up to 50% of the registration fee and up to $75 for lodging if you stay Friday or Saturday night to come to our event!

Recommendation for hotel:
La Quinta Inn & Suites – Arlington North
825 N Watson Rd, Arlington, TX 76011

Recommendation for Church (Sunday)
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Arlington, TX
3218 W Arkansas Ln, Arlington, TX 76016  (10:00 a.m.)

First Church of Christ, Scientist, North Richland Hills
7318 NE Loop 820, N. Richland Hills, TX 76180

QUESTIONS: Contact Katie Stewart at 303-376-7572 or 


This event is generously underwritten by the Asher Student Foundation and other partners.

Saved at Sea Fri, 13 May 2022 17:02:48 +0000 20220429 185935
Saved at Sea a testimony of God’s care and ever-presence

“I found myself on the verge of panic….. I immediately started praying…”

My senior year in college my husband and I went to the Florida Keys for Labor Day weekend and decided to go scuba diving by ourselves – just renting tanks and heading out on our own. We had a general idea of where the reef was so we loaded a rental boat and headed that direction.

It was a beautiful day with blue sky and puffy clouds, but there was a good bit of wind and about 6 foot seas. We motored out to where we thought the edge of the reef was, cut the engine, dropped the anchor in the sand and made sure it was set. Since the water was murky we decided to descend down the anchor line. I remember seeing the line above the water and reaching for it, but just as I went under the surface it disappeared and my hand closed on nothing. We were only in about 30 ft of water, so I knew we’d see it when we got below the waves and the water cleared.

When we reached the bottom I was disappointed to find that we’d completely missed the reef. We had known we were dropping our anchor in sand, (we didn’t want to hit the reef with the anchor), but it was ALL sand and seagrass – no reef in sight. This was my main focus for the first few moments. Meanwhile, my husband was looking for the anchor but couldn’t find it. He signaled to go up, and when we reached the surface the boat was nowhere in sight.

I immediately found myself struggling with a profound sense of fear. In the 6 ft seas, we could see nothing but water towering above us on both sides, except for the brief instants when we reached the crest of each wave. Then for just that moment we could see the boat – which was surprisingly far away considering how short a time it had been since I had reached for that anchor line. We were about 3 miles off shore, so that was also visible at the crest of each wave, but I had no idea if we could swim that far. And if we were caught in a current, which I didn’t know how to determine, we would have to swim faster than the current to make it to shore, in which case we might just exhaust ourselves and get swept away.

              My husband was much more calm than I was and decided that since we were responsible for the boat, we should swim for that and try to catch it. So we started. I quickly felt hopeless. We were digging through the water, unable to see anything except more water, so it felt like there was no forward progress. And whenever we did crest the top of a wave we had to pause in our swimming to look for the boat. It was farther away each time we stopped – the wind was pushing it faster than we could swim.

              I found myself on the verge of panic – I’d never really known what that was before, but surrounded by ocean I felt that if I didn’t keep complete control of my thought, I was going to tip over a precipice where I would just be screaming and thrashing in the water. That terrified me more than anything else – that sense that I was about to lose control of myself.

I immediately started praying, but it was a challenge because I didn’t seem to be able to think clearly. Two ideas came to me though, and I held to them. The first was a half-remembered quote from Adam Dickey’s article, “God’s Law of Adjustment,” which says: “If a man were drowning in mid-ocean with apparently no human help at hand, there is a law of God which, when rightly appealed to, would bring about his rescue.” I couldn’t remember the whole thing, just the sense of it. The second thought was a few words of what Paul said to the Greeks in Athens (Acts 17:25): “…he giveth to all life, and breath, and all things….” It was just a snippet, but it was the snippet I needed. I clung to those two ideas, especially the second one since the loss of “life, and breath, and all things” seemed to be what was threatening.

At one point we passed a stationary buoy and I suggested we swim to it and hold on till somebody came by in a boat – which might take days, for all we knew – but at least then we would know we weren’t being swept away in a current. My husband had a very strong sense that the right thing to do was to swim for the boat because we were responsible for it. But I thought the buoy might be our last chance, and I was utterly terrified to keep swimming into the ocean after a boat that was moving faster than we were. So I faced the choice of sticking together and following my husband’s highest sense of right, or breaking apart and following my own sense of terror. I chose my husband.

And I kept praying, “He giveth to all, life and breath and all things.”

I swam the crawl stroke, because it was the most efficient, but the unremitting walls of grey waves were so dispiriting that I sometimes flipped over and did a backstroke so I could see the blue sky. I remember thinking how out of place it seemed – I was utterly filled with terror, and here was this glorious, calm expression of beauty from wave top to wave top above us. I clung to it as an expression of God’s presence, and just kept reminding myself that “He giveth to all, life and breath and all things… “

Finally at the top of one wave, the boat had changed position. Every time we had looked before it was broadside to the wind, getting shoved further away. This time it had swung around with its bow toward us, so we knew the anchor had finally caught. We kept swimming and now every time we paused to look, the boat was a little bigger. There was no physical guarantee that it wouldn’t come lose again and sail away before we reached it, so I kept turning to God for our guarantees: there’s a law of God that can rescue even a man lost in the ocean; and He giveth to all life and breath and all things.

The boat did stay put; we finally grabbed the anchor line and pulled ourselves onboard. I was unspeakably grateful. And in the years since, as the challenges of work and marriage and parenthood have arisen, I’ve been especially grateful to have had this demonstration of God’s “very present help in trouble” to look back on and realize that no matter how humanly helpless a situation looks, it is never out of the reach of God’s care.


20220426 094843

The Story of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Denton Part 8: Flooring Mon, 09 May 2022 23:35:26 +0000 Making Progress: Flooring, Children’s room,  Bathrooms, Piano, Organ, Sunday School….

Carpet Tile in the sanctuary

20220323 163650 20220418 162929 20220418 162947 20220413 212954

It is so exciting to see the progress. Eric Scortia Of Las Colina’s Music cleaned and tuned the organ and piano.


20220418 145720 20220418 145544

The Foyer has all excess furniture removed, new paint, new transom window, new flooring



20220331 133328
28 mil commercial grade Luxury Vinyl Plank in the Foyer

Sunday School is brighter with New lighting, window treatments, paint and LVT plank flooring.  Clutter has been cleared away


20220325 083013 20220506 112205 20220503 083705 20220503 083606

The Children’s room is relocated and organized with colorful accents

20220416 170350 20220416 165459 20220416 165447 20220416 165514

Bathrooms are freshened up and all the 1965 looks are updated

20220208 120853 (1) 20220416 170212 20220416 165916 20220503 083852


Just a few more steps and we will be done with this phase of the project.  Our new chairs are coming in August and new painted quotes for the walls are also on the way.  New sound system?  We are working on it!  Keep an eye out for an invitation to our open house this fall.

In Tune with God’s Law of Harmony Even if the Truck Rolls Over Thu, 21 Apr 2022 17:45:32 +0000


20210814 093622

In tune with God’s law of harmony       

By Davya Flaharty

I woke up today feeling so in tune with God. It must be the high from back to back Wednesday testimony meetings last night, I thought to myself! I called into one and was First Reader for my local branch meeting. Wonderful testimonies were shared about God’s love and protection and I felt it so presently. What wonderful preparation it was!


Later that morning, I was singing and playing guitar, practicing hymns for an upcoming CedarS hymn sing I would be leading. I got a phone call from my husband, Tyson. He said he was just in a car accident and the car rolled but he and the dog were OK. I heard voices in the background saying, “you should go to the hospital.” Sirens were blaring too. But I kept hearing Tyson’s calm voice saying he was ok. He laughed because he could hardly believe it himself! I stuck to the truth. The true, clear voice of my husband, echoed by Divine Love, our protector, stating he was completely fine. God was on the scene—long before the police, long before the ambulance and fire trucks, even before the offending vehicle’s tires began to slide on the ice through the stop sign. God was already there because that’s how great God is. His care was already in place before I knew anyone needed it. His omnipresence and omniscience are palpable when we lean on His guidance. His goodness is reflected everywhere. 


Tyson had to talk to the police arriving on the scene, so I told him I would be there shortly to help handle our dog and help with whatever human stuff needed to be done. I reached out to some friends to continue to pray while I made some insurance and logistical phone calls. While driving, my mind flooded with the hymn I had just been singing, hymn 584, “The Lord is my Shepherd.” I just recorded this hymn with my duet partner for our upcoming album. So it’s one that’s been at the forefront of my thought for several weeks. What a perfect hymn for my situation! The second verse reads “though I walk through darkest days, I won’t be afraid for Love’s here beside me to protect me and show me the way.” I sang it all the way to the scene in complete awe of God’s orchestration and the unfoldment of protection for all involved in the crash. 


Along the way, firetrucks rushed to another vehicle accident. I knew God was already on the scene, providing his ever-present safety and protection. I saw the drivers standing by their rolled-over truck, safe. Mary Baker Eddy asks us, “why should we stand aghast at nothingness”(SH 563:7)? What is truly amazing is God’s law of harmony! God’s timing! God’s orchestration! I felt like how David probably felt, who was unimpressed by Goliath and “ran” to meet the 10 foot giant wearing 126 pounds of brass armor, holding a spear and a shield (1 Sam 17). I was not impressed by the news of this rollover accident or any other vehicle accident I came upon.


I arrived on the scene, gave Tyson a big, grateful hug and helped our dog into my car. I joined the conversation with the police officer and the father of the other driver (the driver walked back to school to get to his next class—unfortunately his lunch period did not go according to plan). We exchanged necessary information, took pictures and expressed gratitude for everyone’s safety and extreme efficiency of the entire process.


From a human standpoint, the situation was almost too simple. Everything serendipitously worked out. My human brain, or mortal mind, kept nagging at me saying, THIS IS TRAUMATIC, this is supposed to be HARD and MORE WORK than it was. But everything unfolded so harmoniously. Isn’t that how it should always be? When we let go, and let God, His law of harmony can go to work. We need to get out of the way. Our only job is to reflect. God is doing the orchestrating part, in God‘s timing and according to God’s law. God is so good that way! All we have to do is listen for direction. Only when we hear that divine, inspiring thought do we then lift a finger and act on that practical task. 


The tow truck on the scene pulled Tyson’s car upright (it had rolled onto the driver side).  The operator started the car. It roared to life! Tyson got in and drove it forward and back and with a smile and a shoulder hunch said, “works just fine!” He drove it home with me following behind in my car. The other vehicle was towed to a repair shop. The entire event lasted only 45 minutes.


                                   Let His omniscience guide our day to day.


What lessons did we learn today? I was certainly struck with the realization of God’s immediacy. (Sometimes we need reminders!) The other driver got a very practical lesson in winter driving. Our current spring weather has a lot of daytime thawing and flooding which freezes hard overnight when the temperature drops. This makes the road treacherous. Cue Divine Mind! Let His omniscience guide our day to day.


We, humans, don’t have to overwhelm ourselves or carry the burden of fixing everything or making sure everything‘s done correctly. God is good! He has it all worked out. We have a divine right to go about our days with joy and witness all the good unfolding around us. Do not fall into the trap of mortal mind! No one is ever in the wrong place at the wrong time. To say mother nature or “an act of God” caused these conditions that lead to accidents is not correct. God is not the cause of bad things. God is not in storms, wars, ice, “not in the wind…earthquake…fire,” etc (I Kings 19:11-12). He is there, with arms open, ready to receive you and comfort you.


What a glorious way to wake up! With a heart overflowing with love and this knowledge of safety, protection and comfort. It is time to praise and sing some more. What song will I wake up with tomorrow?


20210814 093621

The Story of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Denton Part 7: Color! Sat, 02 Apr 2022 22:03:16 +0000 The FCCS, Denton Remodel:  Color!
The church gets a color update.  Walls are painted, a stain glass feature is specially designed. Candy Anderson, Interior Designer, choose the color SCHEME.  Shiplap is added to the walls and ceiling for a fresh updated – yet cozy feel.  New lighting is added to the ceiling giving the appearance of skylights creating a bright sun lit space.

20220316 101417

20220215 135054 20220316 133224 20220316 133835

Stain glass

The new stain glass is chosen.  The membership was given several options and chose the design above presented by Art Glass Ensembles of Denton.  The glass for the crown is Antique Amber sandblasted glass dating to 1910.  It originally hung in St Peter’s lutheran Church in North Wales, PA.  We are honored to have it.



20220316 141743

The Story of First Church of Christ, Scientist Denton Part 6: Work begins Thu, 24 Mar 2022 21:12:09 +0000 The Story of FCCS, Denton:  REMODEL

The Remodel work begins.  The alcove is transformed. The back wall on the podium is moved up and the pony is removed.  A stage is added. Allowing the readers to be better seen and heard and to be closer to the congregation. The front wall is trimmed out.  The Hexagons are removed.  The unused and disconnected Leslie speaker is sold.

20210311 121546
Before: showing the deep alcove, pony wall and hexagon patterns.
20220128 113141
After: The Alcove is transformed to a stage.


Transom Window


The Hexagon shape is changed.  The new transom window is designed to match the line of the ceiling and add more light.

20190609 113021
Before: showing the hexagon shape in the transom window above
20220211 140751
After: with the new transom window


Upcoming Free Talks about Christian Science Tue, 22 Mar 2022 21:10:34 +0000

Come to these Free talks about Christian Science

Learn how Christian Science Heals!

Click Here for details on all the talks listed below

This Saturday, March 19 at 1:00 pm
You’re invited to come to the Richardson Reading Room this Saturday to watch a web lecture by Phillip Hockley entitled:

A New View of God and its effect on Well-Being

If you can’t come to the Reading Room, or you are busy at that time, click on the title of the lecture above. You can sign up to watch it at home, or to watch a replay.

Saturday, March 26 at 11 am – in Arlington

The Quest to Experience God

Given by Giulia Nesi Tetreau. Click title above for details.

Sunday, March 27 at 2 pm – in Plano

The Quest to Experience God

Given by Giulia Nesi Tetreau. Click title above for details.

Sunday, April 10 at 1:30 pm – in Dallas – near Skillman & Abrams
Also available remotely

Never Alone – How Spiritual Ideas Work in Us

Given by Melanie Wahlberg. Click title above for details.

Sunday, May 1 at 2 pm – in Richardson
Also available remotely

Never Too Late to Experience Freedom

Given by Patricia Woodard. Click title above for details.

Thursday, May 5 at 7 pm – at the Biblical Arts Center

Experiencing Heaven Now

Given by Mary Bothwell. Click title above for details.

The Story of First Church of Christ, Scientist Part 5: New Ideas Thu, 24 Feb 2022 22:21:46 +0000 Steve Deckard of Key Stone Architects was contacted and graciously agreed to offer a proposal.
Handwritten 2022 02 13 154237
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Denton 2021 Update Proposed Floor Plan
2022 02 13 154703
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Denton 2021 Update Proposal for South Wall














The Goal List:

  1.  The Main focus of the proposal was to bring the readers from the Alcove on the podium into the main sanctuary space.  This was to be achieved by removing the short pony wall in front to the podium, Adding a new wall at rear of the alcove and a moving the lectern forward onto a stage area. (See Floor Plan)
  2. The organ would then be moved from behind the wall out into the sanctuary.
  3. The Sunday School piano would be placed on the opposite side of the new stage for balance.
  4. A stain glass window would be added to the new back wall and lit by the existing lighting from behind the new wall.
  5. Acoustical paneling was to be added to the South Wall and the podium was to be accented with additional trim.
  6. The pews would be replace with chairs.
  7. Lighting in the Sanctuary and the Sunday school would be improved with LED lights
  8. All flooring in the building would be replaced:
    1. Carpet Tile in the Sanctuary and Children’s Room Area
    2. LVT wood plank in the rest of the building including the Sunday School
    3. With the exception of three bathrooms that had been recently floored with granite tile
  9. The walls in the sanctuary, Sunday school and Foyer would be painted adding new accent colors to the South and North walls in the sanctuary.
  10. New trim (ship lap paneling) was added to the ceilings, east and west walls to cover cracks that continually reappear in the sanctuary.
  11. New transom window on the North wall of the Sanctuary to add more light and coordinate with the architectural design
  12. All the door knobs would be painted or replaced
  13. Addition -The two bathrooms off the front Foyer were updated with:
    1. New cabinetry replacing the original from 1966
    2. All New fixtures in the two bathrooms
  14. New window treatments in the Foyer, Sunday school, reading room and children’s room
  15. Furniture in the Foyer replaced with new items.
  16. Current sound system to be used updates to be made at a later date.
  17. Gutters added to outside area on the east side of the Building.  Note – Foundation was checked and no major problems were found except minor sinking on this side of the building. Gutters were recommended by Keystone Architect
  18. Remove bushes blocking front view of the Building
  19. Add a small accent fence


The overall Concept was accepted by vote of the Membership beginning in March of 2021.

The Story of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Denton Part 4: A Major Snow Storm Thu, 17 Feb 2022 20:30:01 +0000 In February 2021 the state of Texas was hit by a snow storm and just 3 days later another storm came through.  Many many people were without electricity for 3 -5 days and more.  Pipes broke in homes and businesses across the state.  The pipes in the bathroom at the church behind the podium broke and water came running out. It was about 3 days before anyone could drive on the iced roads to get to the church.  By the time someone was able to get to the building, water had soaked through the carpet and pad in about 1/3 of the sanctuary and half of the Sunday school.

Since so much work was needing to be done it seemed a perfect time to do an update.


20210311 121546
The Christian Science Church is flooded in Feb 2021

20210311 121638















20210311 121659

The pews were moved to the Children’s room.


20210311 121822

Half of the Sunday school carpet was soaked.  So the carpet had to be removed in here as well.

20210220 122844
Neighbors help clean up the church after the 2021 storms
A/U Summer Camp Show Sunday Feb 20th Tue, 15 Feb 2022 23:04:20 +0000 Document 2022 02 15 160356
A/U Camp Show