Praying on my own at tennis camp

Praying on my own at tennis camp I was healed.


I went to tennis camp one summer when I was a freshman in high school.  It was one of the first times I had been away from home on my own. We played tennis every day from early morning to evening.  I was really having fun and improving my game.   One day on the tennis court, I was moving from side to side running farther and farther from one side of the court to another; I “rolled” or twisted my ankle very severely.  At that moment, I had a deep desire to keep playing tennis and keep expressing God’s qualities of agility and freedom. I was praying but I became a little nervous. The coaches and other players who had seen my ankle unnaturally twist let out a huge gasp of concern and worry.  I stuck with the truth of my being that we are taught in Christian Science.  There were no other Christian Scientist there to support me; my parents were not there.   I was all by myself. I realized, I had to be my own Christian Science practitioner, a person who helps us pray when we are ill or hurt.   My thought went immediately to God who was my ever-present help. I claimed my spiritual identity as his child.    In my thought, I knew I was safely held as God’s idea.  I could never be out of his care for even a moment.  Those around me were very concerned and thought I would not be able to continue playing.  But the healing happened instantaneously; I never felt any pain.  I went right back out onto the court and continued playing.

Anna Christian McMullen


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Healing at Tennis Camp