Little Child Healed of Burns – “Nothing Can Get in Between You and God”

One morning I was specifically praying about “more soul, less body.” The lesson that week was about Soul and Body, perfect for what I needed to work on. The golden text and responsive reading set my thought straight by declaring man as God-made, never alone without God, and guided and guarded by God. God believes in us, is rooting for us and is on our side always. Instructions to give gratitude, rejoice and share joy were also gleaned from those opening citations.

I related God’s omnipresent Love to be so big that it fills every nook and cranny. Divine Love is in my pocket. He is with my spouse while he is at work as well as being home with me. He is under my child’s helmet as she rides her bicycle. He is closer to my infant than I am when I hold him. My safety is holding me close in great, big arms of love! Man can never fallout of God’s care.
My prayers continued with expressing the right we have to be free as beloved children of God. That expressing gratitude, spreading joy and loving our neighbors as ourselves are prayer in action. Shutting the door to any thought unlike good keeps our consciousness tuned to good therefore gaining more understanding and ready to receive more blessings.


I had just finished emailing this treatment when I heard a scream downstairs. My thought was pretty in-tune with God’s goodness so I silently declared that all was well. I didn’t feel like I was needed downstairs since Tyson, my husband,  was with Eevy (the screamer).
After a few minutes I heard a sniffling child coming up the stairs. Tyson was holding Eevy who had calmed down but was shirtless with red marks on her upper body. Tyson began telling me the story behind the scream. Eevy had pulled a much desired bag of marshmallows off the counter and with it came Tyson’s mug of fresh brewed coffee. I told Tyson I didn’t need to hear anymore of the story and sat down with Eevy. I told her all the truths I had just emailed to another patient.

God is with you always. He’s got you wrapped up so tight in His big arms of love that nothing can get in between God and you. (Not even coffee!)

Eevy was concerned that she smelled like coffee, so I suggested to her that she could take a bath. She likes baths. I anticipated the bath would distract her from her tender skin. I immediately deflected the suggestion that water hitting her skin could be painful. I also refuse to look at the seeming burns. As soon as Eevy was in the bath, she forgot all about the coffee incident. The joy of bathing and playing with her toys completely replaced the pain she felt and the smell of the coffee.  When she declared herself clean, I took her out, toweled her off and when I was putting a fresh shirt on I noticed there were no redness or any evidence of a burn.

“Glory to God!” I shouted. We are so thankful 🙂

So whatever blesses one, blesses all!

Shared with Love.

Davya Flaharty

Healed Of Burns
Little Child Healed of Burns