Issue of Blood Healed

Drue's Daughter
The author’s daughter, 30 years ago

When my only child was about 18 months old, I suffered a condition where my monthly feminine cycle did not cease and the continual bleeding made me very weak and unable to care for my child. My husband was not a Christian Scientist and while he did his best to help  care for child when he came home from work so that I could have quiet time to pray, his concern for me was very great.

His fear was such that, even though I was working with a Christian Science practitioner on the matter, it seemed prudent to relent to the medical treatment that he began insisting on, and I checked myself into a local emergency room. I was diagnosed and surgery was prescribed, which I underwent. Because it was not my choice to undergo medical treatment, the practitioner continued working with me throughout to help overcome my substantial fear about being in a medical environment, having been a practicing Christian Scientist my whole life. She helped me see that love was being expressed by my husband and the medical staff and that I was never outside of God’s protective care.

After the surgery and a few days recuperation in the hospital I was pronounced normal and released. However, within a few days, the same condition returned. The medical procedures had accomplished nothing at all.

Now I knew that my opportunity was at hand to rely whole-heartedly on Christian Science for real and complete healing. I worked daily, and sometimes hourly, with the practitioner, who lovingly continued to help me see my present perfection and exemption from any abnormal condition of matter. I wrestled with ominous bouts of fear of dying, leaving my young child without a mother. And each time, she helped me see the presence of Love and the impossibility of losing any quality of health, which was God- and not body-ordained. I remember at one point being mentally on my knees in prayer to the Father, completely willing to give up anything and everything to see the Truth that would bring healing — whether it be my mortal life or even my child. I felt like Isaac out in the wilderness willingly sacrificing his only son in accordance with his best understanding of his duty to God. Of course, Isaac did not have to sacrifice his child, and neither did I.

My willingness to let go of any pre-conceived notion of the timing and method of healing this condition broke the sickness’ mesmeric hold over me, and the condition disappeared completely almost immediately. The healing took place over 30 years ago and has been permanent. Mary Baker Eddy says that “The Science of Mind denies the error of sensation in matter, and heals with Truth. Medical science treats disease as though disease were real, therefore right, and attempts to heal it with matter.” (SH 318:22–25) Matter is not a healing agent. All true healing is done through Mind, God, uplifting us out of a sense of mortal body to the understanding of our wholly spiritual being.

Drue McCrackin