The Story of First Church of Christ, Scientist Part 5: New Ideas

Steve Deckard of Key Stone Architects was contacted and graciously agreed to offer a proposal.

Handwritten 2022 02 13 154237
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Denton 2021 Update Proposed Floor Plan
2022 02 13 154703
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Denton 2021 Update Proposal for South Wall














The Goal List:

  1.  The Main focus of the proposal was to bring the readers from the Alcove on the podium into the main sanctuary space.  This was to be achieved by removing the short pony wall in front to the podium, Adding a new wall at rear of the alcove and a moving the lectern forward onto a stage area. (See Floor Plan)
  2. The organ would then be moved from behind the wall out into the sanctuary.
  3. The Sunday School piano would be placed on the opposite side of the new stage for balance.
  4. A stain glass window would be added to the new back wall and lit by the existing lighting from behind the new wall.
  5. Acoustical paneling was to be added to the South Wall and the podium was to be accented with additional trim.
  6. The pews would be replace with chairs.
  7. Lighting in the Sanctuary and the Sunday school would be improved with LED lights
  8. All flooring in the building would be replaced:
    1. Carpet Tile in the Sanctuary and Children’s Room Area
    2. LVT wood plank in the rest of the building including the Sunday School
    3. With the exception of three bathrooms that had been recently floored with granite tile
  9. The walls in the sanctuary, Sunday school and Foyer would be painted adding new accent colors to the South and North walls in the sanctuary.
  10. New trim (ship lap paneling) was added to the ceilings, east and west walls to cover cracks that continually reappear in the sanctuary.
  11. New transom window on the North wall of the Sanctuary to add more light and coordinate with the architectural design
  12. All the door knobs would be painted or replaced
  13. Addition -The two bathrooms off the front Foyer were updated with:
    1. New cabinetry replacing the original from 1966
    2. All New fixtures in the two bathrooms
  14. New window treatments in the Foyer, Sunday school, reading room and children’s room
  15. Furniture in the Foyer replaced with new items.
  16. Current sound system to be used updates to be made at a later date.
  17. Gutters added to outside area on the east side of the Building.  Note – Foundation was checked and no major problems were found except minor sinking on this side of the building. Gutters were recommended by Keystone Architect
  18. Remove bushes blocking front view of the Building
  19. Add a small accent fence


The overall Concept was accepted by vote of the Membership beginning in March of 2021.