The Story of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Denton Part 4: A Major Snow Storm

In February 2021 the state of Texas was hit by a snow storm and just 3 days later another storm came through.  Many many people were without electricity for 3 -5 days and more.  Pipes broke in homes and businesses across the state.  The pipes in the bathroom at the church behind the podium broke and water came running out. It was about 3 days before anyone could drive on the iced roads to get to the church.  By the time someone was able to get to the building, water had soaked through the carpet and pad in about 1/3 of the sanctuary and half of the Sunday school.

Since so much work was needing to be done it seemed a perfect time to do an update.


20210311 121546
The Christian Science Church is flooded in Feb 2021

20210311 121638















20210311 121659

The pews were moved to the Children’s room.


20210311 121822

Half of the Sunday school carpet was soaked.  So the carpet had to be removed in here as well.

20210220 122844
Neighbors help clean up the church after the 2021 storms