The Story of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Denton Tx Part 2

20210403 192515
First Update of the Christian Science Church in Denton

Here is a picture of what may have been the first update of the Denton Christian Science Church.  You can see that the first step was to lighten the alcove on the podium.  It has been painted white to brighten up that space.  You can see that the door the readers would enter the platform is in the center of the wall behind the podium.  This gets changed later.

It appears that more theater style seats are added.

Under the flowers on the  left side of the podium is a 1960s era Leslie 102 Amplifier which is wired to the Organ under the podium.  The Amplifier is still in the building today.  The organ is hidden behind the wall on the right side of the podium.   I have not been able to locate any plans or other details on this update.