Protected by Prayer on our Road Trip


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Road Trip Turn-Around

In January, my family decided to go on a quick day trip before my brother and I headed back to college. We chose to go to the Linville Gorge in North Carolina which is the Grand Canyon of the east coast. The drive was only about an hour and a half away from our home.

We took off in our truck camper that my father built himself (it is an overland vehicle). Once we got started on the mountain, it was a bumpy ride up, so we had to take it slow. There was some leftover snow throughout the trail in areas.

Once we got towards the end of the trail (which was around 3 o’clock) there was some ice on the roads and the temperature was dropping towards freezing. My dad started sliding down the mountain suddenly and said he had no control of the vehicle anymore. We ended up pulling over on the side of the mountain. There was no way we could keep going down the mountain, since it was just a sheet of ice on the path. We decided we needed to back the truck up the hill we slid down and make our way back the way we came. We were a little bummed since we were so close to finishing the trail.

My brother got out of the truck (slipped and fell on the ice several times) and started steering my dad in what direction to turn the truck and at first, we were just spinning. All of us were a little fearful that we were going to be stuck there camping for the night. I sat in the back seat and just prayed. I knew that God was in control of that steering wheel and we could only be going down God’s path, which is always the right way. There is no danger, and we were all going to be led safely out of this situation appearing in front of us. God is our shield and power.

After many tries, we were able to successfully backup the mountain and then turn around. Yet, we were not finished. There were a couple of others there at the sight too. There were a couple of 16-year-old boys that were pulled over and we told them that they for sure wanted to turn around. We still had another mountain to get up. My dad full on went up the mountain, and when we got to the top we slid back down, not only once but twice. We ended up hitting the side of the mountain both times. Third time is the charm and we made it up and stayed up. Then we were able to keep trucking. However, we were not leaving those young boys behind without any help. My brother hopped in their four runner and guided them up the mountain and they were able to get up there safely. We all got back down the mountain without harm.

Rachel Ostheim


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