Proof of God’s Protecting Love

For several years my daughter played softball, and so I was a coach and attended every practice. One practice I was batting and popped a ball up high in the infield on a sunny afternoon. My daughter was playing 2nd base at the time and called for the ball. She is an excellent fielder, but the combination of wind, spin on the ball, and the bright sun resulted in the ball striking her right in the socket of her left eye such that everyone in the infield could hear the ball striking bone. Amazingly the ball had just barely touched the edge of her glove, then her eye, then she caught the ball with her free hand before it struck the ground. But everyone was looking at her and grimacing, as if in empathy/sympathy for her, immediately there were oohs and aahs, and comments that ‘that’s going to leave a mark’ and ‘ you want to take a water break’ or ‘ you want to lie down, that must really hurt’. I was so grateful to be there and just laugh and say ‘nice catch, but it’s ok to just use the glove’. And my daughter too was able to just laugh it off. Five minutes later when we did change softball drills, my daughter and I took a minute to remind ourselves that our entire purpose for being here playing softball with friends on the team was to have fun expressing God- the joy, energy,  active life of the game. These were qualities that came from God and that nothing could interfere with that. She continued playing the remainder of practice with no ill effects, never had a black eye, just had slight soreness at orbital bone for 1 day.

I am grateful for the assurance of the ever present protecting power of Divine Love, God,  that we are taught to acknowledge and trust in Christian Science.  In doing that, we see the evidence of relying on  His care as we did that day and many, many other days as well.