Trusting God to Find my Career

Finding My Place

When I was in college, I studied business just in case I might work at the family business.  I didn’t want to work there – I thought – but it would be good to get a business degree just in case.  When I graduated from college I started searching for a job.  I had an interview in Downtown Dallas,  It was a bit scary for me but I happened to pass by the Christian Science Reading Room downtown.  I stopped in.  I just spent a few minutes there but as I was browsing the literature an idea stuck with me. It was: Light extinguishes darkness but darkness can never touch light.  That idea took all the fear from my thought.  It struck me as so true and I held on to it.  Fear was the darkness that Light extinguishes.  Soon , I got a job as a paint store manager.  It was a wonderful opportunity with management training programs. But after 3 years of working retail for a very large corporation, I was not really satisfied.

As I had begun to do for everything, I prayed about the situation. I just started listening for God’s direction. I don’t remember my prayer exactly this time. On a Sunday evening, the extended family was gathered for dinner my dad pulled me aside and told me how the company was taking a new direction and would I like to come and work there.  I told him I would consider it.  Monday morning the regional manager at the Paint Company called me in to talk with me.  My store had been an experiment and was not going too well.  So they were closing it down and offered to move me to a designer position instead of a management position.  I smiled and said; “no, thank you.” I had other plans. I seemed so confident and not in the least upset, he asked me if I had known he was going to do this.  I had no idea, but I was so joyful that my Father – Mother God had already prepared a place for me at the family business and the timing was so amazingly perfect I could not help beaming from ear to ear.  The regional manager was taken aback but I walked out of his office so happy and I never looked back.  I have worked at the family business for over 30 years now. It has been a very fulfilling career.


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