Can a Fractured Elbow be Healed?

I was riding my bike one afternoon earlier this month, while leaving the pavement to avoid another walker, I  hit a curb and fell onto the concrete.  My arm started to really hurt overnight so I went to the ER the next morning.  The doctors there told me I had fractured my elbow.  After having been laid off during the pandemic, I was starting a new job in just a few days so this news was very disappointing to hear.  But I thought of 3 things, my 3 favorite Christian Science truths:

  1. I am made in God’s image & likeness
  2. I am not material, I am spiritual
  3. I am God’s perfect child.

My Dad and I prayed together.  Three days later, I went to a surgeon.  He cut off my cast and said my arm was in good condition and I could start moving it.  I started my new job with both functioning arms and no pain.  That same day my new company was setting up in a new location, I was able to help with the move which included carrying 100 pound planters upstairs.


Healing of Fractured Elbow