Hearing Restored

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My oldest daughter, Patty, struggled with hearing loss in one of her ears when she was  about 5 or 6 years old. Prayerful support was given by a Christian Science Practitioner.  A Christian Science Practitioner is an individual who dedicates their time to healing prayer for others.  Practitioners are available to pray with anyone seeking healing through the study of Christian Science.

In the quiet hours of early morning my daughter was laying next to me as I was still asleep, she woke me up asking me,

“What do you want?”

She thought I called her name. I ,of course, reassured her to go back to sleep.

“It wasn’t me,” I said, thinking  she was probably dreaming.

Once again she woke with:   “What do you want, mommy?”

Again, I told her I did not call her. She replied,

“But I heard my name being called” she said.

I hugged her and told her: “Go back to sleep.”

For the 3rd time she woke me,

“There it is again, I know you called me!”

I simply comforted her and said,   “It must have been God; it wasn’t me.”

When telling my mother of this occurrence, she reminded me of the story of Samuel in the Bible, when God called him 3 times. ( I Sam: 3)  I talked about this Bible story with Patty, she said,

“If I can hear God, then I can hear!”  The healing was complete.

-Deb Maleck