Christian Science Helped Me Discover Who I am!

Probably the most significant healing I have experienced since coming to Christian Science is discovering who I am!  Living in American society and being a person of color, there was always the feeling of being the other!  Reading and watching media during my years of growth and understanding, there was always the illusion put forth that people of color were not as smart, capable and had a place that was not equal to the rest of society!  Although there was a feeling of welcome in many situations where I would be the only person of color, there was still an internal sense of unease – a sense of being judged and not totally respected or accepted for the knowledge and experiences I brought to the table!  The biases that are prevalent within our society also made me keep people at arms distance while in those situations!  Through my study of Christian Science, I have learned that I am made in the image and likeness of God, divine Mind.  I gained an understating that we are all the children of God,  I have overcome that sense of being an outsider!  Today there is an ease of living, seeing all from a spiritual sense and not material! The limiting thought that was my past, no longer exists!


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