All symptoms of a diagnosed bleeding ulcer are gone.

Before I came to Christian Science, I was suffering with what was diagnosed as bleeding ulcers. The condition showed itself right after high school and was a part of my life for a number of years. During those years I was unable to eat particular foods, believing the condition was truly a part of my reality. I experienced The problems the doctors said I would have all through college and the beginning of my professional life which limited my dining choices and many social activities.

I moved from New York to California, I was still in the state of mind that I was limited in the foods I could eat and the beverages I could drink.   After six months in California, I met the woman whom I would marry.  She was raised as a Christian Scientist and invited me to attend a church service, after attending a number of services, I realized Christian Science was going to be my new church home.

I joined The Mother Church and took Class Instruction in Christian Science. I was on my path to greater understanding and practice of this Science. But I was still dealing with the symptoms of the diagnosed ulcer. Until one day I stopped by my mother-in-law’s home on my way from work.  She offered me dinner as usual and I did partake.  Not asking what was for dinner, I sat down and enjoyed the meal.  As I was leaving, she made a plate for me to take to my wife.  Later that evening my wife and I were taking about how delicious Mom’s meal was.  I had the thought that it was steak, but I was informed that it was pork chop.  Pork was one of the foods I thought I was unable to eat.  Since that day, I have not thought about what I should or should not eat.  The understanding of what is my reality and what is not, I now know that illness and disease are not my reality!

In addition, after the awaking up to the false claims about forbidden foods and gaining the understanding that ulcers were not my reality, the false appetite for alcohol and tobacco was overcome as well.

Joseph Haynes

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