My cousin shook me awake. His baby daughter could not breath. Could I pray with him?

I used to send my children up to Cedars Camps, a Christian Science summer church-camp in Missouri. I liked to volunteer in the kitchen staff while my kids were enjoying their experience. Before my children and I made the long drive back to Texas, we spent the weekend with my favorite aunt and some cousins at their house on the Ozarks.

In the middle of the night, my cousin woke me up.  He said his baby daughter (who had been born prematurely) was barely breathing, and asked if I could come and pray with him.  I was instantly fully awake and praying.  The week at camp full of spiritual inspiration and study had me completely prepared to meet this situation.  My Aunt joined us as we all sat at the top of the stairs just at the spot where baby’s mom had sat down in despair. Gathered there closely together we shared ideas and prayed.  We started singing hymns.  Baby began breathing normally.

My cousin told me later that he had been very frightened.  This had happened before with his little girl and they had rushed her to the hospital. They were told her lungs were weak because they had not fully formed due to her premature birth.   This night at the lake cabin, we were over an hour from any hospital and we could either pray or the baby may die.   My cousin chose prayer.  I was so grateful that he had come to me and let me be a part of this circle of Love around his little daughter. Together, we proved the power of prayer that night.

Today that baby girl is a teenager and runs cross country races on her school track team.    – Karen McMullen

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The baby in the story is a cross country runner now.