Broken Back Quickly Healed

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I frequently ride my horse in the LBJ National Grasslands enjoying the tranquility and beauty of nature.  One day I was riding and decided to canter over a long open place in the trail.  My horse took about one stride of canter and then began violent bucking. I tried to stay on, but I couldn’t get my horse back under control. Finally, I was thrown and landed very hard on my back. My first thought was; “matter cannot hurt me”.  My next concern was to not let my horse run off without me, and a second thought came; “God has this in control”. I was 3 miles from my trailer and I sure did not want to walk back!

I was able to get up and, just as I thought, my horse had not run off. I immediately felt God’s protection and control.  I was in a lot of pain, but continuing to know that I, my horse, and the situation could only have a harmonious outcome because all are  God’s reflection and are governed by his  spiritual, harmonious action.  I was able to mount my horse and continue our ride for the next 8 miles enjoying a beautiful lake that I had not ridden to before and continuing to hold to the absolute facts of my spiritual being.

3 transverse fractures of the spine
3 transverse fractures of the spine

I was still working on seeing the reflection of perfect spiritual truth, seeing myself as unfallen, and whole.  My husband who is not a Christian Scientist was very concerned by the pain I felt when he touched my back. He insisted that I go to the emergency room.  I agreed because I did not want him to be concerned.  X-rays showed 3 transverse fractures of my spine.  The emergency room doctor said that I would to need stop all activities that I enjoy:  horseback riding and workouts at the gym, and be on my back for 6 to 8 weeks while the fractures healed. The doctor made an appointment for me to see a neurosurgeon.

This was sad news for me as I had been planning a horseback trip to British Columbia, Canada for a year.   The deposits were paid and airline tickets purchased for a girlfriend and myself to leave in less than 5 weeks.  I also attend HIIT (high intensity interval training) classes and other gym classes 7 times a week.

The Christian Science Weekly Bible Lesson that week was on “Truth” and I studied it earnestly applying the truths to myself, my husband, and mortal mind’s medical suggestions.  The Golden text from The Amplified Bible said “I will hear [with expectant hope] what God the Lord will say.”  I knew that the reality of God and His universe was the only Truth that I could hear.  The fact was that the surgeon could only see good in me because that was all God made me to be.  All that really exists is the Word of God.  If the Word of God declares something to be, it is true and lasting.  My being is perfect, spiritual truth just as God declares it to be in Genesis 1: 26 to 31.

Several days later, I was in the neurosurgeon’s office waiting to get his prognosis. The neurosurgeon came in and said he saw no reason that I  could not do all activities with no restrictions other than taking it easy!  My prayers were answered and I was declared whole, as I knew was true. Though the neurosurgeon had given me the all-clear I knew that it was not by his authority I was complete, but God’s divine authority.  I was so grateful to resume all activities knowing that my spiritual being was never in matter or touched by what matter/mortal mind suggested.

This healing took place during July of 2019.

— Janet Rowe, Decatur, TX