Quitting My Smoking Habit for Good — 40 Years of Gratitude

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More than 40 years free of tobacco

It’s easy to quit smoking.  I’ve quit lots of times.  Sometimes I quit for a week or two, sometimes I quit for a month or more, and many times I quit only for a day or two.  Even though I wanted to quit permanently, the craving for a cigarette persisted.  Especially if I was in the company of someone who would light up a cigarette.  I would ask for one and start smoking again.

I tried switching to a pipe.  The result was that I smoked a pipe as much or more than I previously smoked cigarettes.

Then one year we decided as a family to visit Boston for the Annual Meeting of The First Church of Christ Scientist, also known as The Mother Church.  My wife is a member of the Christian Science Church, and I had been attending Christian Science Church services with her for four or five years.  I deliberately left my pipe and tobacco at home when we began the trip.

After attending church services at The Mother Church and heading home, I realized that I had not thought about smoking while in Boston.  And I had no desire to ever again smoke a pipe or cigarette, or any other smoking or tobacco device. I was healed of smoking, and never again had a craving for tobacco.

That was over forty years ago so I consider my healing to be permanent.  I’m most grateful to God and Christian Science for my healing.

–Buzz Bartlett