About that time I nearly passed out on the steep climb to the top of Masada in the hot desert of Israel

At the top of Masada feeling great.
The author at the top of Masada

A few years ago, I  had a wonderful opportunity to travel to Israel.  My baby daughter was almost 2 and family members were eager to babysit.  I knew this was my last chance to travel for a while and I had such willing helpers.

Bible Study has been a passion of mine since childhood. So I  went with a wonderful group of Christian Scientists to delve into the Bible lands. On the day we arrived to visit Masada the lines to take the trolley up the hill were very long.  I saw that there was a walking path and I was sure I could easily hike up and meet the group at the top.

Another older man from the group wanted to go too and off we set hiking up the hill.

About half way up I began to feel dizzy.  Then the world started losing color and everything looked black and white, and I knew I was going to faint.  I sat down.  Our guide had been concerned for the older man taking the hike not me, but I was the one having trouble.

There was no choice but to continue up the mountain.  I was too far up to turn back and there was no way anyone could reach me with any kind of vehicle or support.  The kind man with me reminded me of a line from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy,  the textbook for healing in Christian Science.

As the idea of God I had … “the constant conscious capacity to understand God”…  I held to that idea about myself and he prayed with me.

In a few minutes, I felt well enough to walk again for a while.  After a few steps, the world turned black and white once more  and I had to sit down.  I held to the idea of my constant conscious capacity of God’s goodness and ever presence.  A few more steps; another rest.

And so we went up the hill.  As we progressed,  I was able to go farther and farther.  The faint feelings began to fade and the color stayed in the world.  By the time we were almost to the top I was free and feeling fine.

Our guide was quite concerned for me.  He wanted me to rest but I kept telling him I am fine, and I was.

I enjoyed Masada and took in every aspect of each room and view without any trouble of faintness or weariness.  The guide was pretty surprised that I was full of energy enjoying the rest of the day.

Karen McMullen