In Tune with God’s Law of Harmony Even if the Truck Rolls Over


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In tune with God’s law of harmony       

By Davya Flaharty

I woke up today feeling so in tune with God. It must be the high from back to back Wednesday testimony meetings last night, I thought to myself! I called into one and was First Reader for my local branch meeting. Wonderful testimonies were shared about God’s love and protection and I felt it so presently. What wonderful preparation it was!


Later that morning, I was singing and playing guitar, practicing hymns for an upcoming CedarS hymn sing I would be leading. I got a phone call from my husband, Tyson. He said he was just in a car accident and the car rolled but he and the dog were OK. I heard voices in the background saying, “you should go to the hospital.” Sirens were blaring too. But I kept hearing Tyson’s calm voice saying he was ok. He laughed because he could hardly believe it himself! I stuck to the truth. The true, clear voice of my husband, echoed by Divine Love, our protector, stating he was completely fine. God was on the scene—long before the police, long before the ambulance and fire trucks, even before the offending vehicle’s tires began to slide on the ice through the stop sign. God was already there because that’s how great God is. His care was already in place before I knew anyone needed it. His omnipresence and omniscience are palpable when we lean on His guidance. His goodness is reflected everywhere. 


Tyson had to talk to the police arriving on the scene, so I told him I would be there shortly to help handle our dog and help with whatever human stuff needed to be done. I reached out to some friends to continue to pray while I made some insurance and logistical phone calls. While driving, my mind flooded with the hymn I had just been singing, hymn 584, “The Lord is my Shepherd.” I just recorded this hymn with my duet partner for our upcoming album. So it’s one that’s been at the forefront of my thought for several weeks. What a perfect hymn for my situation! The second verse reads “though I walk through darkest days, I won’t be afraid for Love’s here beside me to protect me and show me the way.” I sang it all the way to the scene in complete awe of God’s orchestration and the unfoldment of protection for all involved in the crash. 


Along the way, firetrucks rushed to another vehicle accident. I knew God was already on the scene, providing his ever-present safety and protection. I saw the drivers standing by their rolled-over truck, safe. Mary Baker Eddy asks us, “why should we stand aghast at nothingness”(SH 563:7)? What is truly amazing is God’s law of harmony! God’s timing! God’s orchestration! I felt like how David probably felt, who was unimpressed by Goliath and “ran” to meet the 10 foot giant wearing 126 pounds of brass armor, holding a spear and a shield (1 Sam 17). I was not impressed by the news of this rollover accident or any other vehicle accident I came upon.


I arrived on the scene, gave Tyson a big, grateful hug and helped our dog into my car. I joined the conversation with the police officer and the father of the other driver (the driver walked back to school to get to his next class—unfortunately his lunch period did not go according to plan). We exchanged necessary information, took pictures and expressed gratitude for everyone’s safety and extreme efficiency of the entire process.


From a human standpoint, the situation was almost too simple. Everything serendipitously worked out. My human brain, or mortal mind, kept nagging at me saying, THIS IS TRAUMATIC, this is supposed to be HARD and MORE WORK than it was. But everything unfolded so harmoniously. Isn’t that how it should always be? When we let go, and let God, His law of harmony can go to work. We need to get out of the way. Our only job is to reflect. God is doing the orchestrating part, in God‘s timing and according to God’s law. God is so good that way! All we have to do is listen for direction. Only when we hear that divine, inspiring thought do we then lift a finger and act on that practical task. 


The tow truck on the scene pulled Tyson’s car upright (it had rolled onto the driver side).  The operator started the car. It roared to life! Tyson got in and drove it forward and back and with a smile and a shoulder hunch said, “works just fine!” He drove it home with me following behind in my car. The other vehicle was towed to a repair shop. The entire event lasted only 45 minutes.


                                   Let His omniscience guide our day to day.


What lessons did we learn today? I was certainly struck with the realization of God’s immediacy. (Sometimes we need reminders!) The other driver got a very practical lesson in winter driving. Our current spring weather has a lot of daytime thawing and flooding which freezes hard overnight when the temperature drops. This makes the road treacherous. Cue Divine Mind! Let His omniscience guide our day to day.


We, humans, don’t have to overwhelm ourselves or carry the burden of fixing everything or making sure everything‘s done correctly. God is good! He has it all worked out. We have a divine right to go about our days with joy and witness all the good unfolding around us. Do not fall into the trap of mortal mind! No one is ever in the wrong place at the wrong time. To say mother nature or “an act of God” caused these conditions that lead to accidents is not correct. God is not the cause of bad things. God is not in storms, wars, ice, “not in the wind…earthquake…fire,” etc (I Kings 19:11-12). He is there, with arms open, ready to receive you and comfort you.


What a glorious way to wake up! With a heart overflowing with love and this knowledge of safety, protection and comfort. It is time to praise and sing some more. What song will I wake up with tomorrow?


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