The Story of First Church of Christ, Scientist Denton Part 6: Work begins

The Story of FCCS, Denton:  REMODEL

The Remodel work begins.  The alcove is transformed. The back wall on the podium is moved up and the pony is removed.  A stage is added. Allowing the readers to be better seen and heard and to be closer to the congregation. The front wall is trimmed out.  The Hexagons are removed.  The unused and disconnected Leslie speaker is sold.

20210311 121546
Before: showing the deep alcove, pony wall and hexagon patterns.
20220128 113141
After: The Alcove is transformed to a stage.


Transom Window


The Hexagon shape is changed.  The new transom window is designed to match the line of the ceiling and add more light.

20190609 113021
Before: showing the hexagon shape in the transom window above
20220211 140751
After: with the new transom window