God is in control. His Love brings down every obstacle.

I would like to share a healing experience that took place last weekend.  A dead pecan tree on the First Church of Christ, Scientist property needed to be taken down.  The tree was located in a very precarious spot between fences, the neighbor’s house and the powerlines.  Since the church building has been flooded by the storms in February,  all funds needed to be directed to remodeling and repairs on the inside of the building.  It seemed the best option was to try to cut this tree down with the help of friends/volunteers instead of incurring the expense of paying a company remove it.

I reached out to a friend, Jack, at another Christian Science church who organizes volunteers to do construction projects with the Christian Science Camps.  He was very open to helping  us with this project.  He recruited some friends and the group showed up Friday morning to begin work.  They were able to get all the lower limbs down but as those were removed it became apparent just how tall that tree was.  So at that point Jack said;   “lets just stop and pray.”  We had started that day with prayer, so it was only natural for us to quietly turn to God for help.

“God gives you His spiritual ideas, and in turn, they give you daily supplies”  This quote written by the Founder of Christian Science: Eddy was proved to be true.  Shortly after this pause for prayer,  neighbors showed up with the proper equipment to help take down the rest of the tree.  In a short time, the job was completed.

For me, this was an example of God, infinite Mind. in control.  We could never have predicted such a harmonious outcome or planned a smoother solution.   Only God could have provided such a loving response to our need.  This Church has made it our goal to love our neighbor.  That day love was returned back to us 10 fold and to all who were there to witness it.

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