The Example of a Friend Inspired Me

When my wife and I were newlyweds in the Dallas suburbs, we were one of several young couples who socialized together most every weekend. But one of those couples was not so young. I’ll refer to them as Jack and Jill (not their real names). Jack was a World War II veteran. Also, they didn’t drink alcoholic beverages or use tobacco products like some of the rest of us did, but they seemed to have as much or more fun than any of us. And of course, they didn’t suffer from any after effects of alcohol or tobacco.

One evening when we were invited to Jack and Jill’s home for dinner, we were all in the kitchen participating in dinner preparation when jack had an accident with a sharp knife. Holding his hand with a bloody finger, Jack excused himself to another room and closed the door. He returned about thirty minutes later with no evidence of a cut finger. When asked about it, he said there was no cut.

Knowing what I know now about Christian Science, I can say that he gave himself a prayerful Christian Science treatment, or he called a Christian Science Practitioner to work for him. His quick healing of a cut finger was amazing to us.

As mentioned earlier, Jack was a World War II veteran. He participated in combat duty in the South Pacific, a most unpleasant place to be during that war. Jack survived, but was disabled, according to the U.S. Army, and was discharged with 100% disability benefits.

What the army didn’t know was that Jack’s mother was a Christian Science Practitioner. Two years after his discharge, Jack notified the army that he was no longer disabled and didn’t need disability benefits, but now wanted his G.I. Education benefits for college. The army didn’t believe him, but recalled him for reexamination and found that he was indeed no longer disabled!

Jack received his G.I. Education benefits and earned his college degree. As further testament to his healing, he also earned a Black Belt in Martial Arts!

I’m very grateful to Jack and Jill for introducing my wife and me to Christian Science.

Buzz Bartlett