Neck Pain Healed


Recently, I fell asleep on the couch.  When I awoke, my neck was in severe pain.  Immediately the thought came to mind, “I am so glad that I am a Christian Scientist”.  The reason for that thought is that before I found out about Christian Science, some years ago, I had had the same problem; I fell asleep and woke up with neck pain.  It had happened several times in years previous to my becoming a Christian Scientist.  Sometimes the pain would be so severe that it was days before it would go away.  Now I knew that it would go away quickly, because Christian Science taught me how to heal.  It is through complete faith in and reliance on God who is completely good and through spiritual understanding.  I was thinking of some of these things this time and as I walked down the hall to go to bed, I was praying.  No matter what, pain doesn’t come from God.  So I knew that no matter what seemingly unnatural position my neck had been in for a while, it didn’t matter.  God does not send pain.  If my neck can go in a particular position, could it harm me?  NO.  God loves me and cares for me. As I climbed into bed, I fell asleep quickly.  When I awoke the next morning, all pain and discomfort were gone.  I was so grateful to God for showing me what I needed to pray about and the truth of the situation.